Mickey Thompson ET drag All Season Tire – 32.0/14.0R15 15S

Mickey Thompson 3074S - Real world research and development give M/T slicks the edge over competing brands. Newly improved for better air retention. Engineered for consistent performance. Compounded for maximum traction. Requires little or no burnout. A proven drag strip winner. Engineered for maximum traction and consistent ET’s with superior construction and compounding for nearly every drag race application.

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Mickey Thompson Tire 15.00/15R16

Mickey Thompson 9558 - Mt natural rubber Tube Size 15. 00-1516 31 in. Dia. Tires w12 in. Tread width100 percent natural rubberaircraft Type Removable Valve StemValve Clamps To WheelExtremely Lightweight And DurableResistance To Deterioration. To 17 in. To 33. 5 in.

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