Cooper Evolution Tour All- Season Radial Tire-225/65R17 102T

Cooper 90000032518 #ad - Cooper evolution tour | all-season touringThe Evolution Continues - The new Evolution Tour is Cooper Tire's newest addition to the Evolution line of tires. Cooper combines all-season confidence with a fuel-efficient design. Designed for a smooth and comfortable ride the Evolution Tour offers and outstanding value and up to a 65 000 mile tread life warranty so you can count on you tires to go the distance.

The evolution tour is an all-season tirethat allows you to tackle the seasons withconfidence and gives you the smooth andcomfortable ride you depend on. Listen to music, not your tires. The evolution tour will go the extra mile with features designed for even wear so you can count on them longer and replace them less often, when properly maintained.

Cooper Evolution Tour All- Season Radial Tire-225/65R17 102T #ad - With innovative, the evolution Tour tire can help improve your gas mileage, lightweight fuel efficient technology, saving you money over the miles. The evolution tour helps to keep you safe through every turn and is designed to provide stability and confidence by gripping and flexing to adjust for varied road conditions.

We designed the cooper evolution Tour with a tread pattern that keeps your ride quiet even at highway speeds. 65, 000 mile tread wear protection. Fuel efficient design quiet ride designed for a long tread lifemileage warranty60 000 mile V / H-Rated65 000 mile T-RatedSTABILEDGE PERFORMANCE - Enhances handling and dry traction stability.

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2IN1 TPMS Relearn Tool Super EL50448 for GM and Ford Tire Pressure Monitor Sensor TPMS Reset Tool 2019 Edition

OBDResource US-SU-super 50448 #ad - 3. Follow this order to rest tPMS one by one: Front left, rear right, front right, rear left. Use cruise to choose TPMS re-learn mode in the dashboard settings. Horn will ring once and the TPMS indicator flashes, then the learning mode has been successfully entered. How to use:ensure that the vehicle is in the relearn mode, and following the service procedure.

Press and release the button and wait for the speaker to emit a chirp. When using tpms relearn tool gM Ford, please make sure antenna in correct position. 2. 5. And 9v battery should be in good condition. How to set my car in tpMS re-learn mode? GM series cars: 1. Make the gear in P position. Depress press button while holding the tool against the tire sidewall.

2IN1 TPMS Relearn Tool Super EL50448 for GM and Ford Tire Pressure Monitor Sensor TPMS Reset Tool 2019 Edition #ad - Notice: 1. After all sensors reseted, the car horns twice, the TPMS re-learn finished. Depress and release the brake pedal 5. 4. How to switch between gm and ford brand?hold the power button for 3 seconds and 2 LEDs flashing 2 times, selected brand¡¯s LED flashing 2 times.

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