4.10/3.5-4 – Greenball G4424S Sawtooth Lawn & Garden Tire

Greenball G4424S #ad - They have good flotation characteristics with low rolling resistance and minimal soil trapping at even load distribution. Tires farm implement are diagonal low - section multi - channel tires for trailers and attachments. Greenball sawtooth Lawn & Garden Tire - 4. 10/3. 5-4. They are suitable for higher speeds for road and off - road use.

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Marathon 4.10/3.50-4" Replacement Inner Tube

Marathon Industries 20990 #ad - This is manufactured in China. This is highly durable. This are easy to use. 4. 10/3. 50 - 4" replacement inner tube, 4-ply rubber tube, maximum inflation is 30 PSI, 45 degree angled valve stem, inflate with manual pump only, 10" outside diameter tire, weighs 1 lb, not for highway use.

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